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The Best of Asia Gaming: Top Casino Games and Features

The Best of Asia Gaming: Top Casino Games and Features

Asia Gaming (AG) is a prominent live casino provider that collaborates with innovative gaming software companies in Asia. Specialising in modern and cutting-edge gaming solutions, it offers a range of traditional games like Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Dice, Roulette, and Andar Bahar in an online framework. The company emphasises economical yet comprehensive solutions to optimise online casino operations. Asia Gaming stands out with a mobile platform providing a realistic gambling experience. Known for unique and inventive games, it prioritises an “Impressive Experience Only” concept, aiming to deliver a remarkable gaming experience.

To enhance engagement, the company has introduced beauty anchors as game hosts, intending to boost website traffic and revenue. For those new to the excitement of live casino games, our guide for new players in live casino games is the perfect starting point to understand the basics and develop your strategy. With a commitment to providing players with an engaging and memorable gaming experience, Asia Gaming has become a leading player in the industry.

Top Asia Gaming Casino Games Online

Live Baccarat in Asia Gaming platforms

Each player and the banker receive two face-up cards from the deal; the winner is the player whose hand total is closest to nine. If you bet on the player hand and it ends up with the highest point total that is closest to nine, your profits will double by two. On the other hand, you will get 95% of your initial investment back if you wager on the banker’s hand and it wins. In cases when the total value of the cards dealt exceeds nine, the total value is added up and one or two are subtracted to get the final value.

For those looking to enhance their strategy, exploring our comprehensive guide on online baccarat tips and tricks could significantly improve your chances of winning. In addition to statistics data, players could see how many players were active at each given table within the application. For the game, the participants can choose to play either Cagayan, ACQ, or EURO.

Live dealer Blackjack experience with Asia Gaming

This version of blackjack is quite typical, so players who have never played before won’t need to pick up any new rules or modify their strategy too much. Blackjack’s screen design is superb, enabling players to view the whole table. The game is also quite easy to play since the controls are placed in a natural manner along the screen’s edge. There are four different ways to view the content, and you can switch between HD and SD video quality, so even those with slower internet access may take part.

Aside from that, when playing live blackjack from AG Gaming, you may access two side bets. There is a financial reward in the event that the three cards form a straight flush, flush, straight, or three-of-a-kind. Perfect Pairs is the second optional side wager, whereby the player needs to get a pair of cards in order to earn a prize. To elevate your winning potential, consider diving into our easy-to-follow guide filled with blackjack insights and strategies.

Playing Bull Bull at Asia Gaming casinos

The card game known as Bull Bull is played at live dealer tables in online casinos that modify or restrict their offerings for the Asian market. The game, which is also known as Bullfight or Niu Niu, uses six standard card decks for play. The player faces off against the banker in a head-to-head match. A five-card hand is split into two parts: two cards are in the right hand and three cards are in the left. Each of the parts of the hand is referred to as a hand portion. For this to be feasible, the left hand’s value has to be a multiple of 10. This is not a restriction on the right hand, and it is advised that its value be enhanced as far as is practical. Ultimately, the player with the highest value emerges victorious in the game.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced, straightforward card game that is played with cards faceup on a table and is a variant of Baccarat. Additionally, players in Asia are familiar with this reduced version of Baccarat. The game begins when players put wagers on the table’s Dragon or Tiger options. There shouldn’t be any more additional cards in play at this time. Players place bets on which card will win more money or which suit it will come in. If there is a draw, players get their money back plus the casino keeps half of the winnings.

Three Face

Another straightforward card game with a specific theme is called Three Face Card. Bets can be placed on a phoenix, a dragon, or a hand of three cards. The decision is yours as to which will triumph. The larger one will yield the greater prize. In addition, players can place side bets. If the odds are in your favour, you can win a game that calls for luck in addition to talent. You need to build the greatest poker hand you can with the three cards you have. Those who like to play cards will appreciate this game.


With its extensive selection of luxury casino games and unique features, Asia Gaming is a leader in the online casino industry. Asia Gaming has made a name for itself as the platform of choice for gamers looking for an amazing gaming experience thanks to its live dealer games, cutting edge technology, region-specific products, and dedication to player engagement and security. As the platform keeps developing and innovating, gamers can anticipate an ever-better selection of games and services that represent the highest standard of Asian Gaming.