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Since online casinos have existed, everyone has been looking for hacks, cheats, and exploits for the smallest advantage. Now, you, and every other player, are looking to do the same with slots, desperately trying to make money online. f you’re among those eager to make money online through slot machines, you’ve come to the right place.

However, let’s be clear from the outset – cheating is not the answer. Modern online slots are fortified with advanced protection and failsafes that render classic cheating strategies obsolete. Moreover, the risks of getting caught, facing hefty fines, or even jail time, far outweigh any potential gains.

What you should really be focused on is finding legal ways to exploit and hack the best online slot machines in Malaysia to maximize your chances of winning, and that comes down to two things — finding the best RTP rating and the right kind of slot.

RTP Rating: Bigger Numbers Make Better Wins

RTP stands for “Return to Player”. When it comes to RTP rating, just remember – Bigger Numbers Make Better Wins. At a 95% RTP, the slot will cough back up 95 cents for every dollar it eats, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get back 95% of your spending, just that, over the course of thousands of pulls, the odds will eventually average out.

When selecting a slot game, also consider the variance. Slots with lower payouts tend to pay out more frequently (low variance), while those with higher jackpots pay out less often (high variance). To strike a balance, choose a game that matches your risk tolerance and time investment. A trusted online casino slot that pays 250x your initial bet more frequently can be more rewarding and consistent than one promising 10,000x but rarely paying out. Find a slots game that meets the best balance of RTP rating and variance that you find the most agreeable with your available time and personal spending limit.


On platforms like ATAS, you can explore a vast selection of slots, sports betting, and live poker. Beginners should start with low volatility slots with smaller payouts, gradually moving to games with higher stakes as they gain experience. Learn more to predict the slot.

    Different Types Of Slots

    Online slots come in various themes, styles, and sound effects, but the core mechanics remain similar. Here are some popular types:

    • Classic Slots are just that. Inspired by old school designs, these ones have simple 3 reel layouts with one straight payline running through the center from left to right. Classic slots aren’t really found these days mainly due to their lack of style and general appeal towards players.
    • 3D Slots are a more modern take on the classic concept with not just up-to-date art directions and sound design, but more profitable paylines, more reels, better RTP ratings, and greater variety of options in general to better suit your personal tastes. Popular slot games like “Emperor Gate” by Mega888 have brilliant, vibrant colors and incredibly reactive user interfaces make for a fun gaming experience.
    Mega888 online slot
    • VR and AR slots take advantage of modern processing power to really push the sense of immersion that classic, brick-and-mortar slots carry while still providing the convenience and portability that online slots fulfill. While Atas Online Casino Malaysia currently doesn’t carry any VR slot games, we are certainly working to implement them in the near future.
    • Progressive Slots: Most of all, you should look out for progressive slots, or slots with a progressive jackpot. These slots have jackpots that increase with every bet placed. The potential payout can reach millions, especially when playing with maximum bets at peak jackpot levels. In some slots, you’ll find multiple sizes of progressive jackpots that randomly payout on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


    Progressive slots are most favorable when you place maximum bets, especially as the jackpot nears its highest potential.

    Symbols & Paylines

    Understanding symbols and paylines is crucial for success in online slots. You’ll catch on very quickly when going through the rules of any slot game that different symbols offer different win values. The ones with better, prettier art will always land you more points, sometimes even putting out 20 to 30 times more for the exact same payline.

    [ Sample Image ]

    Paylines are the lines on which winning combinations must land. Modern slots often feature multiple paylines, increasing your chances of winning. A payline is an invisible line that’s formed when you roll a certain number of the same symbols in consecutive reels, starting from left to right. A hundred years ago, you would have only seen 3 reels at a time on a slot game with a single straight payline, but things are a lot different now with online slots. These days you’ll find popular online slot games like “God of Fortune” or “Zeus” by Lucky365 to have a standard of 5 reels with somewhere between 10 and 15 paylines.

    Some games like “WhiteKing” or “Safari Heat” by Monkey King Slot will even have up to 40 paylines for you to make money off of. Different paylines will even multiply your winnings by different amounts, so it pays to try out different games to study which ones are the most profitable.


    To hack and win big on online slot machines, place equal bets on all paylines. This ensures you always profit from a winning line you might have otherwise missed.

      Wild and Scatter Symbols

      “Wild” symbols or wildcards are sometimes referred to as a sort of “Joker” symbol, that substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol. What this means is that, a wild symbol will automatically complete a winning combination when they occupy the correct place to form a payline.


      Play slots where wild symbols appear on central reels for better winning chances.

      Unlike every other symbol in slots, these scatter symbols to be on a payline to trigger rewards, making them highly valuable. This arguably makes them the best symbol, even more so than getting high paying symbols on a payline since rewards from scatter symbols are also multiplied when you land multiple of them in a single roll.

      When a scatter symbol is rolled, one of two things will happen — a bonus round or the reward of free spins. Again, you’ll have to do your homework to figure out which slots put out the most scatter symbols and the best rewards for getting them.


      Research which slots offer the best scatter symbol rewards and frequencies.

      Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

      Bonus rounds can range from getting to pick between 3 different, randomized prizes or something more complex like a short mini-game where you get a bigger prize the faster you complete a task. In some slots, you’ll even be rewarded with a version of the same slot game with bigger prizes, better odds, or both.

      At the end of the day, all slots are built off the same fundamentals to offer the same bonuses. If you keep track of all these special bonuses, you’re more likely to snowball from pennies to millions without having to empty out your wallet before you get there.

      Free spins are exactly what they sound like. 

      They are sometimes rewarded to persistent players after they’ve made a certain number of free spins or landing any number scatter symbols. Some games will reward upwards of 20, sometimes more, free games just from a few scatter symbols, this is where the real winning potential of free spins come in. 

      On a regular roll, you might spend credit to play the slot, potentially winning your spendings back and a profit on top. Then, you’ll spend that same profit to make another roll, taking the risk of losing your profit — if you repeat this process only to lose roll after roll, you’ll eventually achieve a net loss, even if you made big wins along the way.

      With free spins, you won’t be putting the money on your next roll, which means no losses are made when you don’t land on a payline and paylines you do get will contribute to a net gain. Even better than that, free spins will eventually get you scatter symbols which in turn get you more free spins, leading to more wins. This is to say that free spins have the potential and opportunity to snowball into an unlimited number of wins and infinite profits. Discover free spin in online casino Malaysia.


      Focus on games with frequent and rewarding free spins to maximize potential winnings to win big on online slot machines.

      Free Credits

      Free credits are often given to new players to try out games without financial risk. Just like free spins, free credits offer you the choice of either spending on more spins or placing bigger bets into each of your spins.

      Smart players will quickly realize what’s said of free spins also applies to free credits — you should be taking advantage of these free credits to bank on scatter symbols rather than just focusing on big wins, which leads to more spins, more games, and of course, more wins.

      If you’re lucky enough, you won’t even need to spend a single cent. Free credits are typically offered to new registers for the chance to try out a provider’s games before deciding to invest more time and credits into them.


      Leverage free credits to extend your gameplay and increase your chances of hitting big wins without spending your own money.


      Mastering how to hack and win big on online slot machines involves more than just understanding the basics. Each game has unique mechanics, paylines, and bonus structures. By studying various slot games and identifying those with the most favorable odds and bonuses, you can maximize your winning potential.

      Remember, the key to winning big on online slots is knowing when and where to place your bets. Register ATAS Casino today as a new player and claim free credit up to RM100. Use it to explore slot games, sports betting, and more. Plus, enjoy a 200% first deposit bonus, giving you more chances to win big.