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Enjoy First Deposit RM20 Free RM20!

Available Devices

Android / iOS / PC

Introduction to HotRoad

HotRoad Baccarat

If you want to experience the thrill of the best online baccarat games, streamed directly from Malaysian Casinos. The introduction of artificial intelligence to online casinos has had a significant impact, leading to reduced cheating and enhanced customer experiences. Therefore, HotRoad utilises this to boost player engagement and security and find solutions to issues faster.

HotRoad is an innovation games provider, the introduction of automated dealers for the robotization of table games, is set to revolutionise the industry and exceed the expectations of sceptics who believe that modern solutions cannot significantly improve or differ from the current ones. It allows you to play anytime and anywhere with our fast automatic deposit system that takes only 30 seconds. Enjoy 24-hour live broadcasts that transport you to the casino floor, where you can join in the excitement of baccarat games as if you were sitting in a casino.



  • Welcome Bonus
  • Cashback

Popular Baccarat Games 

  • Long Dragon
  • Ping Pong
  • One Two

Customer Support 

  • Telegram
  • Phone Call
  • WhatsApp
  • Live Chat

Compatible Devices 

  • Mobile (IOS, Android)
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

Basic Information

HotRoad gaming provider operates with a high level of integrity and fairness. They pride themselves on providing a trustworthy gaming experience for our players, and as such, they have implemented strict measures to ensure that there is no possibility of cheating. HotRoad games are automated, eliminating the need for human dealers and thereby minimizing any potential for fraudulent activity.

Available Games on HotRoad

HotRoad state-of-the-art technology utilises a robotic arm camera to provide players with a highly realistic online gaming experience. The game itself is easy to play, with players simply placing bets on either ‘Player’, ‘Bank’, or ‘Tie’. We offer two betting limits, one for low-limit tables and another for high-limit tables. Our custom-built system employs embedded sensors to read bar-coded playing cards and display real-time results.

HotRoad offers a variety of baccarat game types, including Long Dragon, Ping Pong, One Two, and several others. Each game has its own unique rules and game mechanics, providing players with a variety of options, allowing players to enjoy 24 hours non-stop. Below are some of the baccarat games that popular in HotRoad:

Long Dragon

In Long Dragon, players bet on which side, either the player or banker, will have the longest winning streak before a loss occurs. As a result of the fact that this streak can continue for a significant number of rounds, enthusiasts of baccarat have an option that is both fascinating and potentially rewarding. 

Ping Pong

In Ping Pong, the game is played with two sets of cards, and players can bet on the outcome of each set or the overall outcome. The objective of the game is to correctly predict which set of cards will have the higher value or if the sets will tie. This variation adds an extra layer of complexity to the traditional baccarat game, making it more challenging and engaging for experienced players.

Bonuses and Promotions

HotRoad offers cash rebates and an enormous welcome bonus. New players receive a match bonus or free spins when they deposit. Cashback might reimburse participants for a portion of their losses. Additionally, HotRoad may offer seasonal or holiday promotions, such as special bonuses for Christmas or New Year. These promos allow players to play more and win more. Read each promotion’s terms and conditions to determine eligibility and wagering requirements.

Customer Support

HotRoad offers multiple channels for customer support, including Telegram, phone call, WhatsApp, and live chat. These channels offer 24/7 support to players. The customer support team is knowledgeable and helpful, and they are dedicated to resolving any issues or concerns that players may have. 

Final Thoughts

HotRoad is an online gaming provider that offers a variety of baccarat games streamed directly from Malaysian casinos, providing a realistic and engaging experience for players. What makes HotRoad special is the use of artificial intelligence has improved customer experience and minimized fraudulent activity. HotRoad’s automated system ensures fairness and integrity, eliminating the need for human dealers. The games are easy to play and offer low and high betting limits, catering to all levels of players. HotRoad offers various bonuses and promotions, including a welcome bonus and cash rebates, to maximize playing time and potentially increase winnings. 

FAQs about Hotroad

The automatic mechanism used by HotRoad guarantees fairness and honesty, doing away with the necessity for human dealers in the process. 

Currently, HotRoad focuses solely on baccarat and does not offer a variety of gambling games like other games providers.