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Sports betting is a widely favored form of gambling, embraced not only in Southeast Asia but across the globe, as enthusiasts seek to channel their passion for sports and potentially generate additional income. Recognized as a prominent provider of both real and virtual sports, BTi has garnered substantial popularity in the realm of Sportsbooks. 

Whether you are already acquainted with BTi Sportsbook due to your prior involvement in sports betting or are newly discovering it, this comprehensive article aims to furnish you with all the essential information about BTi Sportsbook. Explore the intricacies of this renowned Sportsbook, widely available on numerous online casinos, and uncover the factors contributing to its widespread acclaim.

Introduction to BTi Sportsbook

BTi Sportsbook | iGamingz

With a rich history dating back to 2007, BTi has emerged as a leading provider of premium and reliable sports betting services catering to the Asian and European markets. Drawing from extensive expertise in developing and operating sports betting platforms, BTi is committed to delivering top-notch Sportsbooks products while ensuring cost efficiency. Trust BTi to empower your sports betting venture with cutting-edge solutions and a track record of excellence.

Moreover, BTi Sportsbook offers a software plug-in that seamlessly integrates with online casino websites, enabling them to offer E-Sports gaming experiences to their users. This versatile plug-in has gained widespread adoption across more than 50 countries, highlighting its effectiveness and global reach. Comprising a team of thousands of seasoned professionals, including sports analysts, web developers, and software engineers, BTi Sportsbook ensures the highest level of expertise and reliability in their comprehensive suite of services.

Among the diverse range of data services provided by BTi Sportsbook to online casinos and betting platforms, notable examples include pre-match odds service, live odds service, live data service, esports betting service, numbers betting, and comprehensive coverage of traditional sports betting markets.


  • Promotions & Bonuses: welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and cash rebate
  • Notable Games: Football, Basketball, Badminton, and E-Sports
  • Customer Support: Telegram, WhatsApp, Live Chat, and phone
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet

Basic Information

BTi Sportsbook leverages cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning in conjunction with the expertise of top-notch sports analysts to derive accurate and reliable odds for a diverse array of sporting events. Their extensive data coverage spans across various sports, including Football, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, E-Sports, and more, ensuring comprehensive insights for their users.

Having gained prominence as one of the premier sportsbooks in Asia and beyond, BTi’s success can be attributed to several key attributes. These include their commitment to delivering precise odds through advanced analytical techniques, their extensive coverage of sporting games, and their ability to adapt to evolving trends and demands in the industry. With a proven track record of reliability and a dedication to providing top-quality data services, BTi Sportsbook has established itself as a trusted partner for online casinos and betting platforms worldwide.

Available Games

With the BTi Sportsbook powered by Winbox, your players gain access to few thousands of real sports and around 150 e-Sports betting options, encompassing a wide array of captivating events such as soccer, basketball, tennis, MMA, Dota 2, and more. Regardless of your core audience’s preferences, BTi Sportsbook guarantees an impressive and exhilarating experience that is bound to captivate and satisfy. Elevate your betting platform with BTi Sportsbook and offer your players an unrivaled selection of thrilling wagering opportunities.

The following are examples of the types of sports for which BTi Sportsbook typically provides statistics:



In the realm of sports, they provide extensive coverage of football leagues and tournaments worldwide, encompassing renowned competitions such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, the prestigious UEFA Champions League and others. 


BTi Sportsbook is a trusted source of data and sports betting platform for basketball enthusiasts, offering comprehensive coverage of major leagues including the NBA, SEA Games, NBL, and various other leagues from around the world.


In the realm of eSports, BTi Sportsbook covers highly popular titles such as League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch and many more. 

With such diverse and comprehensive coverage, BTi Sportsbook ensures a compelling platform for sports and eSports betting enthusiasts.

Bonuses and Promotions

Recognizing the importance of players in driving profitability and growth, BTi Sportsbook has developed a comprehensive bonus and free bet system that empowers their partners to effectively reward, attract, and retain players. Their bet smart system enables partners to have greater control and customization over their own free bet and bonus criteria, ensuring it aligns with their specific requirements and objectives.

Customer Support

BTi Sportsbook ensures that their customers have easy access to support whenever needed. Whether you have inquiries, concerns, or encounter any issues, their dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock, 24/7. You can reach out to them via various convenient communication channels, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Live Chat. BTi’s attentive and responsive customer support agents are always ready to assist you promptly and address any queries or concerns you may have.

Final Thoughts

BTi Sportsbook stands as the unrivaled industry leader in sourcing sports data for both real and virtual sports. Their meticulous data collection, analysis, and organization span diverse sporting categories on a global scale. Additionally, their advanced software plug-in seamlessly enables casino websites to integrate virtual sports gambling functionalities, further elevating their popularity. These unparalleled services solidify BTi’s position as the go-to choice for reliable and comprehensive sports data solutions.

FAQs about BTi

BTi Sportsbook is a comprehensive platform catering to online casinos and bookmakers, offering them a wide array of reliable sports betting data. Rather than being a standalone online casino, BTi Sportsbook serves as a trusted source of relevant information for online casinos and betting websites, empowering them to enhance their offerings and provide a seamless betting experience to their customers.

BTi Sportsbook has established partnerships with reputable internet banking and e-wallet providers to facilitate secure payment transactions on their platform. Simply visit the partnered online casino platform, create an account, and proceed with depositing or withdrawing funds. Please be aware that processing times may vary depending on the chosen payment method.