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PlayTech is now a key participant in the gaming software market. The company was established in 1999 by Israeli Teddy Sagi in Tartu, Estonia, and is located in Estonia. PlayTech has solidified its position as a market leader in the iGaming industry by becoming the most significant online gaming software company that is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The company is well-known for the large variety of high-quality video games that it offers, and its headquarters are located on the Isle of Man. 

PlayTech has stayed at the top of the industry by using cutting-edge technology and making games of the highest quality. In 2001, the company opened its first casino on land. It was called City Club Casino. In addition to trying to grow, PlayTech is also committed to following good business practices, such as standards for ethics and social responsibility, in all regulated markets where it operates. 

Overall Ratings

Trust Fairness: IMS is a cross-platform management system that PlayTech uses to let players access and play on more than one gambling site at once. IMS is an important part of how PlayTech works. 

Games: Playtech’s online casino has a lot of high-quality games, like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, as well as slot machines and live dealer games. The casino also has more than 100 slot machines with different themes. Many of these games have progressive jackpots that can reach more than a million Ringgit. Anyone can play these exciting games whenever they want.

Bonuses: When players use the Winbox app to access PlayTech games, they can take advantage of a number of great bonuses and deals, such as the Welcome Bonus, Daily Spin Bonus, and Slot Turnover Bonus. These offers give players more reasons to play and make it more likely that they will win. 

Customer Support: PlayTech promises to offer support for all of its products 24/7. If a player has a problem, they can talk to the company’s support team through Live Chat, WhatsApp, or Telegram. PlayTech is committed to giving its customers support all the time. 

Basic Information

Websites: onlinecasinosgame.comSupport:Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram
Games: Slot Games, Live CasinoLanguages:English, Malay, Chinese
Licenses: PAGCOR, Gaming Curacao (GC) Currencies: MYR

Safety and Security

People who play games at online casinos are right to worry about the safety of their personal and financial information. But the rise of online gambling games has also brought in shady people who have taken advantage of players and made them lose their hard-earned money. So that this doesn’t happen, Playtech puts a lot of emphasis on both security and fairness, which lets its players feel safe and confident while they play. 

PlayTech knows how important it is to follow the laws that govern online gambling in different parts of the world. The company makes sure that its games and casinos are legal and have the right licenses. It also uses strict security protocols to protect the personal and financial information of its players. PlayTech can give players around the world a safe and fair gaming experience because it puts compliance and security first. 

PlayTech is extremely cautious about the security of its games and takes great care to ensure that they are fair and random. To accomplish this, the company employs a Random Number Generator (RNG) in all of its games to guarantee that the results are completely random and not influenced by previous or subsequent spins or hands. This ensures that players can trust their personal and financial information is secure and that they can have a fair and enjoyable time playing. 

PlayTech uses a random number generator and undergoes independent audits to protect player data. This includes encryption and stringent data-handling rules. PlayTech creates a secure and engaging online gaming experience by prioritising player safety.  

Bonuses and Promotions

Winbox is a well-known online casino platform in Malaysia and is affiliated with PlayTech. In addition to providing a wide variety of casino games, Winbox also offers its players various promotions and bonuses through its partnership with PlayTech. These may include welcome bonuses and free credit, and are available to new Winbox customers through bonus programs offered by PlayTech and other game developers. Players can learn more about the promotions available to them by visiting the Promotions section on the Winbox website. 

*** For all Winbox Member

Please be aware that the promotion described in this review may have been updated since it was published. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact our customer service department. You can also view the most current promotion information by visiting the Promotion Page.

[WELCOME BONUS] – 100% Top Up Bonus

Similar to other online casino platforms, Winbox gives a welcome bonus to newly registered users. Winbox will offer a 100% top-up bonus to new users who sign up for an account and make a minimum first deposit of RM20, with a maximum bonus claim of RM100. The game credits are redeemable for wagers on PlayTech and other Winbox-affiliated games. 

[DAILY SPIN BONUS] – Deposit RM30 get 1 spin that up to RM50 free credit everyday

In addition, Winbox offers a daily bonus called the “Daily Spin Bonus.” Every time a player deposits RM30 into their Winbox account, they receive one free spin with the possibility to win up to RM50 every day in free credit. Individuals who deposit RM300 per day are permitted to spin 10 times per day. RM5 is the minimum free credit a player can obtain.  

[SLOT GAME TURNOVER BONUS] – Deposit RM20 get spin for free credit

Another sort of outstanding promotion is predicated mostly on player turnover. A gamer receives one free spin for every daily turnover of three thousand. A spin’s maximum bonus might reach up to Rm50! With the exception of winnings exceeding RM100, bonus credit cannot be withdrawn. This is one of the few terms and conditions Winbox wishes to clarify for their gamers.

Available Games

Playtech provides a vast selection of games with realistic graphics and acoustic effects that are allowing players to become fully immersed in the gaming experience. Their range of classic and popular slot games, and live casino games accommodates a variety of player tastes. At casinos utilising PlayTech software, players can anticipate a varied selection of games, ensuring a fun and engaging experience.  

Nevertheless, PlayTech casinos also offer a variety of games such as slot games, and live casino options. Their reputation is built on producing high-quality games with outstanding graphics and sound effects that immerse players in the game theme. The company’s portfolio includes over 500 different online casino games, spanning 2D and 3D options. However, it is worth noting that certain PlayTech games come with a set withdrawal limit which may not be suitable for high rollers. It is important to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of a casino before registering an account to be aware of any withdrawal limits or other restrictions.

Online Slots



The Gladiator slot machine is an online game developed by PlayTech that is based on the popular film of the same name. This game is designed to be accessible without the need for download. It features 5 reels, 25 paylines, 3 rows and offers a gamble feature with bonus rounds that provide free spins. An instant play option is also available, allowing players to enjoy the game in real-time for entertainment purposes in various online casinos as listed in the table provided below. Another bonus feature becomes available if the wild symbol appears on reels two, three, and four. This will trigger a new play screen, which will be randomly filled with gold, silver, and bronze helmets, each offering varying winning amounts. The Gladiator slot game also includes an intriguing gamble feature which allows players to gamble their winnings. The objective is to correctly predict the color of a card, either black or red. If the prediction is correct, the prize will be doubled. The number of rounds is limited only by the maximum prize of $5,000. 

For more information, The Gladiator slot machine is of a high-quality, with features that include themed graphics and seamless gameplay. The game effectively captures the essence of the licensed film it is based on. However, there are a few drawbacks to this blockbuster-inspired slot game. Firstly, the main character of the movie is not represented among the game’s symbols. Secondly, it may require a significant amount of persistence and patience to win large prizes. 

Juba 2060250
Proximo 2060250
Gracchus 2575350

According to data collected, it has been determined that it typically requires approximately 150 spins to fully engage in the free Gladiator slot game. This game is based on the Oscar-winning movie “Gladiator,” featuring Russell Crow in the leading role. The game incorporates elements from the film such as characters, images, and cinematic effects, as well as elements of the story. Symbols included in the game are Gladiator Juba, Emperor Commodus, Senator Gracchus, Emperor’s sister Lucilla, and traditional card symbols ranging from 9 to King and Ace. The game’s epic soundtrack immerses players in the Ancient Roman era and transports them to the Coliseum arena. The Coliseum serves as a scatter symbol, while the Mask of Gladiator represents the wild symbol.

King Kong:

The free slot machine game titled King Kong features the gorilla, also known as King Kong, as the wild symbol. Other prominent symbols within the game include airplanes, cityscapes, ships, Ann Darrow, tickets, dinosaurs, movie cameras, skulls and killer crabs. Some tips and tricks for playing the King Kong slot game include placing the maximum bet per payline in order to increase the chances of winning, and placing bets ranging from $5 to $100 to have better chances of winning large awards during the levels of the game. Additionally, hitting the Kong Wild Symbol will grant players the opportunity to win the jackpot, as well as 1500 free spins. 

The King Kong slot game features 5 reels and 20 paylines. It offers various gambling features such as bonus rounds, wild symbol, scatter symbol, multiplier, and free spins. However, it does not feature a progressive jackpot or an autoplay option. To win in the game, players must cover all 25 paylines. The wager amount is calculated based on the selected paylines and reels. The King Kong Smash feature is triggered by the appearance of three or more scattered symbols. The player’s reward is determined by the number of planes hit by King Kong, and players can also win mystery prizes during the free games. 

The King Kong slot game is popular among players due to its combination of three to five symbols that generate bonus prizes and a maximum jackpot of 7,500 coins. The smash feature of the King Kong slot offers players 150 free spins, which are generated with the same paylines. The free spins also trigger double winnings in the game and the bonus feature multiplies the player’s bonus. Players have the opportunity to win 500x of their bet by hitting the wild symbol of Kong. The bonus rounds feature monkey madness, including free spins, multiplied bonuses and an expanding wild symbol feature on the reels.

The game also includes a jackpot feature, as it is based on an adventure theme and involves hitting the wild symbol. As the player progresses through the game, the betting amount increases. Each level of the game offers a significant reward that can potentially change the life of the player. Bonus symbols such as hitting planes or cameras in the game can also contribute to winning large bonus amounts. It is also worth noting that you can play Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot machine game. 

Great Blue:

PlayTech’s Great Blue slot game is a widely popular choice among players due to its immersive oceanic theme and exciting features. The game’s wild symbol, represented by a whale, serves as a substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations and increase payouts. Furthermore, the game also includes scatter and bonus symbols that can trigger additional bonuses and free spins. With its visually stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Great Blue is an excellent choice for fans of online slot games. 

The game also features a bonus round where players can be awarded 8 free spins with a 2x win multiplier by triggering the sea shells bonus round. The game screen will present players with five sea shells, which can be selected to reveal prize payouts. By selecting two of the shells, players can gain additional free spins and/or increases to the win multiplier.

When the free spins bonus round is triggered, the number of lines and the amount wagered on each line remain the same as they were on the spin that resulted in the bonus round. Also, during a free spin, a player can receive 15 additional free spins by triggering three or more SCATTER symbols on the reels. However, the win multiplier remains unaltered. 

Live Casino

PlayTech offers comprehensive multi-channel distribution and the most popular content for players, ensuring flawless operation on both PCs and mobile devices. Some individuals may feel uneasy about placing their fortunes in the hands of random number generators, and may choose to avoid online casinos. To address this, Playtech provides its users with the opportunity to participate in live casino games, giving them full control over the game while still experiencing the excitement of a live dealer.

Playtech offers online broadcasts of live, in-the-moment casino games that are available for viewing. The company offers a superior platform for live gaming, ensuring the highest level of gaming excellence at the casino. This allows players to engage in authentic casino games from the comfort of their homes or places of business.

Playtech live casinos also feature holiday-themed games that are popular among a range of players. These games provide players with new features and entertainment, in addition to the chance to win substantial prizes. Upon registering an account at Playtech’s live casino, players will have access to a variety of casino games, all presented in high definition for the best possible experience. 

For example, there are some variety of games in Playtech Live Casino: 


  • Baccarat 7 Seat

The 7-Seat Live Baccarat games offered by us are played with the presence of a highly trained live dealer, and can accommodate a maximum of seven players at the same table, as implied by the name. This creates a lively and authentic casino-like atmosphere, enhancing the overall gaming experience. As a result, players will quickly become fully immersed in the excitement of the game and forget that they are playing on a computer.

  • Baccarat Squeeze

The Playtech Baccarat Squeeze table is a market leader in terms of providing players with a unique gaming experience. The use of several camera viewpoints gives players an immersive and closer perspective of the action, thereby increasing the suspense and excitement of each game. This highly authentic game, developed in our premier studio, is well-received in both Asian and European markets due to its broad appeal. 

  • VIP Baccarat

The Live VIP Baccarat game is conducted with the presence of a highly qualified live dealer, and it accommodates a maximum of seven players at the same table. This creates an immersive gaming experience that mimics sitting at a Baccarat table in a premier casino, generating a thrilling and engaging environment that is difficult to replicate.

  • Mini Baccarat

Playtech’s unique Mini Baccarat game is a simplified version of traditional Baccarat. It can be played in a side window while players engage in other products such as sportsbooks or casinos, providing a convenient and efficient approach to cross-selling and complementing our Live Casino product. This feature is a great addition to increase engagement and retention of players.


  • Blackjack

The Live Blackjack games that Playtech provides each have many players, a real blackjack table, eight decks of cards, and a real-life dealer. Users are able to observe the other players as they deal the cards and place their wagers. This brings a new level of realism to the game, and as a result, users soon will forget that they’re playing it at home and instead believe that the user is one of the most prestigious casinos in the world.  

  • Ultimate Blackjack

Playtech offers Live Unlimited Blackjack game that provides players with an experience that is unmatched in the industry by utilising eight decks of cards and a live dealer that has received extensive game play training to assure the best possible level of play at all times. Furthermore, their Live Unlimited Blackjack tables, in contrast to typical blackjack tables, do not place any restrictions on the amount of players that can participate at once. This ensures that customers always have access to a seat, making for a more convenient and welcoming gaming atmosphere overall. 


  • Single Zero Roulette

Join in the fun at our Live Roulette table with a single zero. This wheel has 37 numbers on it, from 0 to 36. This is one of the easiest games to play and understand, so both new and experienced players can enjoy it. Our salespeople have a lot of experience, so you will have a time you will never forget.

  • Prestige Roulette Lite

Playtech Prestige Roulette Lite is similar to their prestige Roulette in terms of gameplay, but with fewer cameras. This allows for a faster gaming experience while maintaining a high level of dedication to providing a seamless and flawless gaming experience for players.

  • Speed Roulette

Playtech Speed Roulette is a unique offering in the market, providing the fastest hand-dealt roulette experience available. It maintains the same features as our Single Zero Roulette, but with a substantially increased pace, resulting in more rounds per hour and providing players with the ability to play more games without experiencing delays. This feature is ideal for those looking for a fast-paced and efficient gaming experience.

Casino Hold’em:

With Playtech’s Live Casino Hold’em, you can experience the thrill of a real casino. This variation of five-card poker is played at an authentic Casino Hold’em table with a dealer who has received professional training. A dedicated shuffler will manually shuffle the deck between rounds to ensure a fair game. Join Playtech for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Payment Methods

Winbox provides their customers with a diverse selection of payment methods to accommodate their individual preferences. The site is designed to serve clients from all around the world and offers a variety of payment alternatives, including those that are practical for users in Malaysia. Because of this, it appeals to a wider variety of consumers, which boosts its overall popularity. Users are able to quickly add funds to their Winbox account by using a variety of banking institutions, automated teller machines (ATMs), online transfer, E-wallets, and other payment methods that perform a similar function.  

Winbox allows users to pay with Public Banks, RHB Bank, CIMB Bank, and MayBank. These are just a few of the many payment options offered by the various banks that partner with the platform. Each individual who registers for the event can select the payment method that best suits them.

Winbox has a diverse customer base from around the globe and offers a wide range of payment options. The platform also has a comprehensive security system in place to protect all passwords and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data. This system operates according to strict guidelines and makes it impossible for passwords or information to be compromised.

Customer Support

The online betting experience is enhanced when players have access to timely support. Without it, gamers may encounter difficulties while registering an account or withdrawing money and may become frustrated. Customer service is essential for orienting new players to the online casino and helping them maximize their enjoyment during gaming sessions. It can also facilitate deposits and withdrawals and provide access to useful information that might be hard to find on one’s own. In the event of a problem while playing, the customer service department can assist in providing a quick resolution. 

It is important to choose an online wagering platform that offers 24/7 access to a customer service team, particularly for systems that offer access to Playtech games. Customers should be able to reach the customer service department through various methods, such as live chat, WhatsApp, or Telegram. As customer service representatives for most online casinos are available around the clock, players can email them or engage in live chat at any time. If you have any questions or concerns or need additional information, it is advisable to contact the customer support team as soon as possible and provide as much detail as possible. 


Playtech is undoubtedly a leader in the industry when it comes to developing software for online casino gaming that is not only enjoyable but also memorable. With nearly two decades of experience, they have developed a strategy that has earned numerous accolades. This is evident in the high-quality customer service and overall experience they provide to online players worldwide. In addition, the excellent quality of the gaming software they create has also contributed to their exceptional level of success. They cover both traditional and emerging areas of online casino gambling, which is one reason why the breadth and complexity of their software is so impressive. They also address both classic and emerging aspects of online casino gambling. The fact that they have received numerous awards, recognitions, and certifications demonstrates why they will continue to dominate the market for online software games for the next two decades. 


SSL encryption and other safety measures make it very safe to play Playtech at Winbox. This encryption makes sure that your information is safe when it’s sent to the casino server and stops anyone else from getting to it. The casino also uses the most up-to-date firewall and encryption technology, which is checked and updated regularly to protect player information even more. 

You can play Playtech games at Winbox by downloading the app or going to the site on your iOS or Android device. Winbox gives you access to top online casino platforms like Playtech and others. You can download the app directly to your phone in APK format and then give it permission to install. You can play Playtech games on your phone or tablet once it’s set up. 

To play Playtech games on Winbox, you need to create an account. During the registration process, you will be asked for personal information such as your username, password, and phone number. After completing the one-time password (OTP) verification, your account will be successfully registered and you can begin playing Playtech games. 

To make deposits in Winbox, you must first create an account. After installing the app, you can either instantly deposit money into your account or make a bank transfer using one of the supported banks in the region, such as Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, RHB, AFFIN Bank, CIMB, Maybank, and Ambank. Both options make it easy to add funds to your Winbox account. 


If you want to get money out of your Winbox account, it’s best to use the same method you used to put money in. To do this, open the app, tap the “Withdraw” button, and enter your bank account information. After you put in the amount you want to withdraw, the rest of the process should only take a few minutes.

Playtech Details

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