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  • Well interface design, easy use features
  • Lots of promotions and bonuses
  • Excellent customer service
  • Not available for Live Casino
  • Relatively low payouts
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One of the most common and widespread pastimes in the history of humanity has been gaming. Casino games are not unfamiliar to most people, and due to advances in technology, the same games are now available to individuals all over the world via the internet. Since online casinos are accessible nearly around the clock, there have been significantly more people entering the market recently.

If you are a frequent player in the games that are provided by online casinos, you are likely already aware of the name 918Kiss. In addition, 918kiss is one of the online casinos in Southeast Asia that is seeing the most expansion. Initially formed in 2013, the company was formerly known as Scr888. The business has invested many years into the gaming industry, and as a result, it is widely recognised as one of the most successful gaming websites, capable of supporting up to 200,000 users at once. In fact, 918Kiss includes all of these types of games such as arcade games, fishing games, slot games, or table games. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if we combine 918Kiss with slot games. Slot games, which are available on 918Kiss in a wide variety of game themes, gameplays, and payouts, are by far the most popular form of gaming on this website. On the other hand, people who are more interested in activities like fishing or playing arcade games would never even consider giving slot machines a try in the ir lives. The same logic applies to table games; players who favour conventional gambling will gravitate toward table games such as roulette, which replicate the ambience of a real casino as nearly as possible. 

One of the biggest online casino brands that has taken use of recent advancements in technology to launch a mobile application is 918Kiss, which aims to vastly improve the whole gaming experience for its players. The fact that it is feasible to carry out all of the necessary tasks within the mobile app makes it possible for gamers to use 918Kiss in a manner that is more streamlined and takes less time. It is now feasible for users to do everything from registering an account to playing their favourite game to taking big sums of money from their account with just a single click of the mouse.

918kiss Basic Information

Website: www.onlinecasinosgame.comSupport: Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram
Games: Slot games, Rotating arcade games, Fishing games, Arcade games, and Table games.Currencies: MYR
License:PAGGORLanguages:English, Chinese, Malay

Overall Ratings

  • Trust Fairness: Players are assured of a fair game thanks to sophisticated safety precautions, and the industry is governed by reputable international bodies such as PAGCOR.
  • Games: On 918Kiss, you can play games that have been developed by a wide variety of different developers. These games include slot games, arcade games, table games, and fishing games. Unfortunately, at this time, the site does not offer any live casino games for users to participate in.
  • Bonuses: 918Kiss provides players with a variety of benefits, including a welcome bonus of 150%, a bonus for daily reloads, a bonus for referrals, and many others.
  • Customer Support: Not only an immediate response, but one that is also beneficial. The customer service department can be reached through a variety of ways, such as email, live chat on the website, and many other social media platforms.

Safety and Security

The players, as well as anyone else, may have the most significant concern regarding the safety and security of online casinos. There are a large number of online casino platforms that cannot be trusted, and these platforms frequently defraud players and give the sector a poor name. As a result, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the players is an extremely vital priority. In that case, platforms for online casinos that don’t have the appropriate security measures aren’t worth the time it takes to waste on entertainment. 918Kiss is aware of and uses a variety of cutting-edge security measures to protect its users from hacking and phishing. Aside from that, 918Kiss has implemented a number of security measures, including a 128-bit encryption system, a two-factor verification system, and so on, to ensure the safety and security of players’ personal information. To summarise, it is risk-free to access the site and participate in the gambling activities offered there.

Bonuses and Promotion

Most of the online casino platforms will know if they won’t be able to bring in any customers if you don’t provide some enticing free credit freebies and promotions, just like any other reputable online casino does.  In a similar vein, there is also 918kiss. Winbox has prepared a large number of fascinating promotions and Free Credit for players in 918kiss. For the convenience of our valued and devoted customers, we have compiled a list of all of the promotions that are currently available for players to enjoy; feel free to take advantage of any of these offers.

***Note :Due to the fact that this review is now being read, the promotion may have been altered. Please feel free to contact our customer care for any information, or alternatively, you may visit our Winbox Promotion Page to learn more about it.

[Welcome Bonus] – 100% Top Up Bonus

[Daily Spin Bonus] – Deposit RM30 get 1 spin that up to RM50 free credit everyday

[Slot Game Turnover Bonus] – Deposit RM20 get spin for free credit

Available Games

The well-known Malaysian website for online gambling, 918Kiss, offers players a wide selection of well-known games to choose from. These games include slot games, table games, arcade games, and even fishing games. On the website, you can access each of these different games. If you are new to playing games online, you might find the sheer volume of games that can be accessed on the site to be incredibly daunting. This is especially the case if you are playing games for the first time on a mobile device. Despite this , there is no reason for concern on your behalf at this time. Try your hand at some of 918Kiss’s most exciting and lucrative games, including the following:

Fishing Game:

Fishing games on 918Kiss provide a plethora of extra elements, and players who successfully complete game missions are rewarded with consistently substantial prizes. Therefore, if you are considering signing up for 918Kiss and playing your first game on the platform, you might want to try your hand at one of the fishing games that are available. Although it is not one of the more traditional games, such as roulette or blackjack, it does provide an exciting opportunity to earn some money in a short period of time. Fishing Star, Da Sheng Nao Hai, and Ocean King are not very dissimilar from one another; in fact, there isn’t much of a distinction between the three of them. Players are required to first register for an account and then make a certain minimum deposit before they can begin playing on the site. After that, select one of the fishing games that you have available to you. The amount of money that you put into the game directly affects the number of shots that you receive. You are going to be responsible for eliminating as many marine species as possible using these shots. Good luck! There are many different types of aquatic life that may be observed, and if you are successful in hunting them down, you will receive varying amounts of prize. The larger ones offer the opportunity to gain a greater number of points. As a consequence of this, a higher score can be accomplished by accumulating a greater number of points than the other players.

  • Fish Hunter Li Kui Pi Yu

There is a consensus among anglers that Li Kui Pi Yu is one of the most enjoyable fishing games currently on the market. The game’s visuals are just lovely, and the score is outstanding. Everyone in the game is tasked with reeling in a large fish. Before you can have any genuine success with Li Kui Pi Yu, you must first make a conscious decision regarding the type of person you would kill. The outcome of a fishing game is mainly dependent on the player’s ability to make smart maneuvers while making use of the available ammunition. One instance of this would be killing a golden devil fish, which is not particularly difficult to catch but results in the awarding of additional points. On the other hand, a player’s ability to be picky decreases in proportion to the level of sophistication of their shell.

  • Ocean King

Another fishing game that can be played on 918Kiss is called the Ocean King, and it is one that has a moderate amount of excitement and suspense. This fishing game can accommodate anywhere from six to ten players, all of whom are able to compete against one another simultaneously. An arcade version of the popular fishing game that takes place in both the East and West seas and features a diverse cast of characters and jaw-dropping landscapes. There are a variety of fantastical creatures that live in the ocean, including mermaids, fire dragons, and drago turtles. You will need to carefully prepare how you will utilise your weapons, just like you would for any other decent fishing game. Yet, get much more powerful weapons when your level rises as a result of killing fish. This happens automatically.

  • Da Sheng Nao Hai

Da Sheng Nao Hai is said to be the most well-known online fishing game among Asian players, according to a number of different sources. To begin, rather than engaging in direct competition with one another, you can choose to ask your peers to join you in the game and win big bucks together. When you play a game with your friend in which there is a possibility of encountering a number of thrilling and exciting acts, it will be simple and easy for you. Everyone need to be able to fully understand that the objective of a fishing game is to make efficient use of one’s constrained ammunition in order to eliminate the maximum number of marine organisms within the allotted amount of time. On the other hand, one of the advantages of Da Sheng Nao Hai is that it awards the greatest number of credits; for this reason, many people also refer to it as the Golden Dragon.

  • Fishing Star

You might have a lot of fun participating in this exciting fishing game on 918Kiss. Within the game’s forty distinct environments, you’ll come across a wide variety of aquatic life, including more than 180 distinct species. This indicates that the game becomes a greater challenge as players progress through the ecosystem. Nevertheless, in order to catch the largest and most valuable fish, players will need to upgrade their fishing equipment to more powerful models. The fact that if any fish that a player catches may be viewed in their Fish Book is the first of this game’s many positive aspects. The second step is to make the most of your Joy-Con in order to reel in a significant number of fish.

Video Slots

Slot machines are among the categories of games that attract the most interest from players in the world of online gambling. When contrasted with the other categories of slot games, the overall experience provided by video slots is one that is significantly more thrilling. This is because each game comes bundled with an additional layer of material, which explains why this is the case. To put it another way, they are assembled utilizing a variety of forms and kinds of material. Thematic images, reels, buttons, animations, and music are some of the features present in video slot games such as Monkey Story Plus, Phoenix, etc. Due to the fact that video slots are a combination of classic fruit machines and arcade games, players are given the opportunity to participate in a gambling activity that is different from anything they have ever experienced before. It is common knowledge that the reels, extra reels, levels, and pay lines that are available in a video slot game are the elements that players find most exciting. This offers a larger amount of excitement to the overall experience when compared to the traditional slot games that are typically offered. Having said that, you should be aware that the fundamental functioning concept is followed by video slot games. The machine is going to produce thousands of distinct numbers, and each of those numbers is going to be associated with a different set of symbols. A random number that is generated at a particular time will decide whether or not you are a winner, as well as the size of the prize that you receive.

  • Monkey Story Plus

Vela Gaming developed Monkey Story Plus in 2016; it has a user-friendly interface and is simple to play. You may try out a sample version of this game at the 918Kiss online casino, which is one of the few games that offer this feature. Players are given the opportunity to test out the game without having to risk any of their own money in the process. People enjoy playing this game since they are able to use a multiplier and their stake sizes can range from 2/100 to the maximum. After you have had sufficient time to familiarise yourself with the game using the demo mode, you will be able to place real money bets and start winning cash in a trice.

  • Battle World

Another well-known and attractive video slot game offered by 918Kiss is called Battle World, and it comes highly recommended. A fairly entertaining video slot game that includes additional graphic components with the intention of improving the overall gaming experience. The game is essentially an action-packed adventure slot machine with a Marvel theme that contains characters from the Marvel universe. After you have entered the game, you will be required to select a hero in order to successfully rescue your companion and emerge victorious. In the end, players are required to defeat Thanos by using the Battle Ball to their advantage and winning the battle. A highly powerful gaming experience is provided, giving the impression that you are playing as one of the Marvel characters. This is achieved by the composition of the songs that are featured and the appealing images.

  • Phoenix

This is a video slot game that has been around for a very long time and is considered to be a masterpiece. Gameplay Interactive’s Phoenix is an arcade slot game with a theme derived from Chinese culture. The game was developed for the arcade market by Gameplay Interactive. Players have the opportunity to earn free spins and multiplier incentives for their participation in this popular video slot game. By giving the player control of a bird that has emerged victorious from the ashes of its former home, the designers of the game hope to inculcate in them a sense of hope and optimism. Both immortality and rebirth are represented by the flaming red colour of the bird’s wings, which serve as a symbol of the bird. Phoenix has five reels and thirty various ways to win, making it a very versatile slot machine. In addition to that, there is a jackpot that can reach a maximum of one hundred credits if it continues to increase. Players have the option to place a bet, play using the Autoplay mode, and watch the reels spin without having to do anything themselves.

Online Slot

The conventional video slot games constitute another time-honored subcategory that is responsible for a significant portion of the revenue generated by online casinos. Online casino players love slot machines because of the thrill of ratcheting up the reels and scoring big. Even more exciting is the fact that players can choose from a plethora of different companies’ hundreds of different slot games when they play at online casinos. Because of this, a player will never reach a point where they are uninterested in a slot game as long as they stick to one genre. Not only are there a wide number of providers, yet slot games can also be found in a wide variety of genres. Some examples are things like culture, history, movies, and folklore, among other such things. When you play them, you also have a wide selection of options accessible to you in terms of the pay lines and reel configurations that you can employ. These options allow you to customize the game to your liking. When you play them, you also have a wide number of options accessible to you in terms of the pay lines and reel configurations that you can use. These options allow you to customize the game to your preferences. Perhaps because of this, every single one of the slot games makes use of a component that is considered as a random number generator. Every millisecond, this results in the production of number sequences that are completely arbitrary. As an immediate result of this, there are no components of the game that are played in an unfair manner. It is exceedingly improbable that the next sequence will be an exact copy of the one that came before it due to the fact that the numbers are picked at random. The symbols that will appear on the screen after you have spun the reel are determined by a random number generator. 

  • Jin Qian Wa

China’s rich cultural heritage served as a point of departure for the design of this particular item. Playtech, the company that developed Jin Qian Wa, gave the video game elements that were modeled from eastern culture and aesthetics. It has a total of 40 pay lines and comes with five reels to play on. Furthermore, the game includes wild symbols, free spins, and scatter icons, all of which work together to significantly boost the players’ chances of winning as well as their general enjoyment of the game. There are numerous symbols throughout the video game, including the yin and yang symbols, green dragons, and animal emblems such as golden turtles, toads, and ivory elephants. Not only are the players mesmerised by the crystal clear visuals, but also by the enveloping sound effects. As a direct consequence of this change, the gameplay will exude an atmosphere that is more true to the spirit of the east.

  • Wukong Slots

Even though it won’t be released until 2021, Wukong is already the most popular online slot game. It has high-quality graphics and an engaging gameplay experience as well. It provides a return of 95.72% with the possibility of earning x5255 the player’s original wager. The five-reel, twenty-five-payline video slot machine with an Asian theme includes the renowned martial artist Wukong, along with five reels. Additionally, the game’s presentation has an Asian motif. The smallest wager per spin is just 0.25 euros, while the maximum is 60 euros. Therefore, a high level of luxury is not required to play the ever-growingly popular slot game; rather, you can adapt according to your skills and wild aspirations. Getting a winning symbol combination in Wukong slot games will activate bonus rounds, and the activation of these rounds will take place when the winning symbol combination takes place.

  • Great Blue Slots

The slot machine that has an aquatic theme to it features five reels, and there are three rows of symbols that you can choose from.Players of Great Blue Slots are given a total of 25 unique pay lines from which to select, giving them the opportunity to compete for a wide variety of prizes via a number of different winning combinations. Even though the Great Blue possesses a number of characteristics that are typical of slot machines, players are still advised to keep an eye out for a few surprises that are buried throughout the course of the game. For example, you can use wild symbols that are stacked, and the scatter symbol could help you make some good winning combinations. A bonus game that keeps you interested and gives you 33 free spins will make you play for longer than you had planned. Then, if you intend to win as much money as possible, you should try to use the 15x multiplier as much as possible.

  • Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef, a slot machine game made by Playtech, is another fun thing the company has made. It is a one-of-a-kind aquatic-based theme that is presented in an extremely engaging colour scheme and is based on the colour blue as its inspiration. This is a very interesting subject matter. The great majority of slot machines are constructed with five reels, three rows, and a total of 25 pay lines. This particular machine follows this standard. The purpose of the special features, such as wild symbols that can substitute for other symbols, scatter symbols, and re-spins, is to boost a player’s chances of winning the game. A range of marine life forms, including seahorses, sea turtles, starfish, and clownfish, contribute to the impression of being submerged in an undersea habitat. The best thing you could do would be to line up five of the same symbol or a mix of wilds in a row, or even better, to do this on multiple lines to win a lot of money.

Payment Methods

In order to prevent consumers from becoming impatient and frustrated, transactional actions really need to be guaranteed to be quick and responsive. Users now have the ability to swiftly and conveniently withdraw money from their accounts as well as deposit money into their accounts, and they have a number of different payment choices from which to pick. 918Kiss came up with this new way to play. To do any of the above transaction activities with 918Kiss, you must first create a player account. Users can deposit money to their 918Kiss accounts in a number of ways, such as with bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, Help2Pay, or EeziePay, depending on which payment method they choose. When you’re done playing a game on 918Kiss, you can choose to withdraw any winnings using the same method you used to put money into your account in the first place. You can do this whenever you want. 

Customer Support

It is essential for a respectable online casino platform like 918Kiss to have excellent customer service in order to contribute to the platform’s trustworthiness as an online gambling destination. If a player runs into any issues or has any questions with 918Kiss, they should feel most comfortable contacting the customer service section for assistance. If a player’s question cannot be answered by reading through the Frequently Asked Questions area, they will likely need to have a private conversation with a member of the customer service team.

You don’t need to be concerned because 918Kiss has a good customer service team in place, and there are multiple ways to get in touch with them. The live chat option is available 24 hours a day and can accommodate any question or concern you could have. Players have access to additional support channels including Telegram and WhatsApp. Their customer service representatives are known to be competent and humble when supporting clients with their concerns or providing comments due to the respected name of their company. Therefore, if any individuals have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the staff.

918kiss Test ID

Test ID functions as a “public account,” allowing anyone who is interested in testing out 918Kiss to utilize it without having to first register their own account and then make a deposit into that account. On the other hand, in the same vein, it was impossible for anyone to withdraw any of the money that they had earned by playing the free game using the test ID.

One might use this ID to play free games before deciding whether or not to sign up for a 918Kiss account. Simply download the 918Kiss app onto your device, and then enter the following login details to begin playing any of their free games:

User ID: TesXXXX – TestXXXXX

Password: 1234

It is important to keep in mind that the letter “X” denotes a numerical value between “0000-99999.” Additionally, it implies that those who want to log in have access to more than 9000 free login IDs to pick from. If you try to log in and find that a certain range of numbers does not work, you could wish to try another number from that range. It is possible that the ID is being used by someone else at this same moment. When the previous user logs out of the system, that particular login ID will become accessible for use by a new user.


Fans of online slot games, fans of live table games, or fans of online casino material in general in Malaysia have always ranked 918Kiss as their top choice because it provides limitless enjoyment and a fantastic gaming experience. 918Kiss has always been at the top of the list of recommended options. Previously known as Scr888, the company has changed its name, but this has not deterred fans of online casinos from continuing to support it. This is because the company provides a diverse selection of games, each of which has its own unique qualities or themes that are guaranteed to interest players. Every gambler’s head has been blown by the news that 918Kiss is now available on one of the best apps that combines multiple forms of entertainment into a single package. Winbox. Because the Winbox app enables fans of online casinos to gain access to their preferred game through a single app, including 918Kiss, this makes it easier for players of any game to switch from one to another, even if the games come from completely different categories or are provided by entirely different companies.If you attempt to count the games on Winbox, you won’t be able to complete the assignment since you don’t have enough fingers on your hands to count that many games. You won’t be able to accomplish the assignment because of this. You are welcome to investigate 918Kiss on the Winbox app; there, you will discover a paradise filled with unimaginable happiness.


The fact that 918Kiss has a gaming license from PAGCOR, a major regulatory agency based in the Philippines, shows that it can be trusted.But 918Kiss doesn’t think it’s enough to just protect their players’ privacy and make sure their platform games are fair. The presence of a secure firewall, a 128-bit encryption system, and a two-factor authentication mechanism demonstrates that the website is legitimately secure.

Visit the official website of 918Kiss, where a direct link to the download page can be found, rather than just searching for it in the app store on your phone. Players may then click on the link and continue with the download process. You should always keep in mind that in order to avoid the installation of the application failing, you will first need to enable the capability of the phone to download applications from unknown sources, such as the 918Kiss website. Failing to do so will result in the installation of the application failing.

It is strongly recommended that players create an account on the official website of Winbox or on the website of one of its affiliates in order to participate in 918kiss. This is because players who do not have an account will not be able to enjoy playing the game. Simply entering a username, password, phone number, or email address is all that is required to create a Winbox account for a user. There are no other prerequisites that must be met. After having your identification confirmed, you have now successfully enrolled with Winbox and are ready to begin playing your game on 918kiss.

918Kiss provides its players with a broad variety of deposit alternatives, allowing them to select the method that is most convenient for them. Credit cards, electronic wallets, and direct bank transfers are some of the payment options available. Users are able to finance their 918Kiss accounts with a broad number of payment methods, including bank transfers, Help2Pay, EeziePay, and even transactions involving cryptocurrencies. 

After you have finished playing a game on 918Kiss and have met the requirements for the required turnover on your account, you will be able to withdraw any winnings that you have accumulated from playing the game. It is possible to make withdrawals from your account using the same technique that was used to make deposits into the account in the first place. In any other case, you simply have the option to select a payment method from the following list: a bank transfer, Help2Pay, EeziePay, or cryptocurrency.

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